After initially being unavailable, Genital Jousting releases in Aus

Posted on January 19, 2018

Genital Jousting, the multiplayer arcade game where you stick your genital into the anus of another player’s genital, has come out of Early Access and released on Steam. Interestingly, the game’s full release also coincides with an Australian debut since the game was previously unavailable. The game, which at first appeared to be banned in Australia, was actually never released in our region due to fear of censorship. This seems fairly understandable, especially after the publisher, Devolver Digital, ran into some issues with the Australian classification board with the release of Hotline Miami 2.

Although Australian genital fans can now celebrate since we get to join the rest of the world in some phallic fun. Check out the launch trailer below.

Genital Jousting is launching not too long after its Wet Hot Summer Fun update that brought a bunch of new summer themed minigames to the table. The most recent update however is the Story Mode which is available as of the game’s full launch.

The game may now be available in Australia but know this, the Australian classifications board is yet to approve the game so there is still time for it to get banned. Don’t want to miss out? Those who purchase games on Steam which then go on to get region-banned remain playable for accounts that had previously purchased the game – at least historically speaking. Check out the game here.