Alienware announce Command Centre makeover at CES 2018

Posted on January 11, 2018

As you read this Las Vegas is lost in the midst of the CES, Consumer Electronics Show, a yearly gathering for the big names in electronic hardware to present new and exciting things they’ve got ahead. With video games and Electronics kind of getting into bed with one another it’s not a stretch to believe that some of the announcements will have a big impact on gaming. While Alienware didn’t “break the internet” it can’t be said that some of their announcement doesn’t effect the gaming space.

The most notable update that Alienware announced for gamers will be the update of their Command Centre, a staple with their gaming devices. With a slick new look you’ll be able to launch all your games or clients from one location granting you quick and easy access to your library.

However, Command Centre doesn’t stop there, with the light show it lets you create in your tower, it more impressively let’s you overclock and control your thermal levels. Previously this was a little daunting but the new Fusion tab allows even newcomers to easily change parameters to get the most out of their setup.


Having everything game related in one location is a big help but here’s hoping they can look at adding some streaming services like Twitch. This would tie in nicely to their other exciting announcement as Dell and Alienware technology will power the first ever training centre for eSports team ‘Team Liquid’ one of the most prolific teams out there right now. This as well as plenty of other things going on in eSports points to a big year for the growing medium.

If you’re interested in watching these announcements and plenty more from Alienware you can watch the full CES 2018 Product Announcement below. Any other announcements that have you excited? Make sure to let us know!