Awesome Games Done Quick ends with over 2 mil raised for charity

Posted on January 15, 2018

The annual speed-running and charity event, Awesome Games Done Quick, has concluded with a whopping US $2,262,098 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Every year the world’s best speed-runners (gamers who compete to finish games incredibly quickly) come together for one of the biggest speed-running events around. The multi-day event is broadcast live online and is notorious for creating amazing live entertainment, setting speed-running records and, of course, raising huge amounts of money for charity. To see a full list of the donation index for the event you can find it right here.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018

This year’s event managed to break the record set last year for money raised, but only just. If your interested in the event and checking out some of the vods from the amazing speed-run than reddit user Kruulos has you covered in his “top highlights.” I personally recommend checking out some of the amazing commentary from games such as Resident Evil VII and Bloodborne because they can help get a great insight into speed-running. Happy watching!