Burnout Paradise smashing into a Remaster very soon

Posted on January 6, 2018

UPDATE: Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that Burnout Paradise Remastered is set for release on PS4 in Japan on March 16th. No confirmation of other platforms or territories yet but fingers crossed!

Original Story: Do you abide by the road rules when playing street racing games? Driving the speed limit, staying in your lane and stopping at traffic lights? If so then, one, you probably didn’t last very long and even worse, two, you most likely never played Criterion’s Burnout Paradise. Well get ready because if the rumours are true we won’t be waiting long to relive the classic bedlam in a HD remaster of 2008 hit.

Rumours have been circulating since early December after Brazilian gaming website Gamepress stumbled across a local retailer with a PS4 and Xbox One copy listed for a March 1st release. The flames have been stoked again as Gematsu reported on a Japanese retailer listing “Burnout Paradise HD Remaster (title tentative)” release for PS4 on March 16th. This matches up pretty closer with the previous Brazilian leak and while only a PS4 version is listed it may be due to some retailers not stocking Xbox One games due to the consoles poor sales in Japan.

Burnout Paradise

Best known for it’s slow motion crashes, this PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC street racing game managed to do what so few racing games have been able to by making an open world racing game actually heaps of fun. Unlocking new cars and racing around the fictional Paradise City was instantly addictive, everything looked great and I can’t stress this enough — was just heaps of fun.

While for now we’ve not had any official word on the release if it does come to fruition and you’ve not had a chance to play this gem it is currently available for backward compatibility on the Xbox One in its original glory. With hopefully some beautiful new textures one addition I’m sure we’d love to see is a photo mode to take snaps of those glorious slow motion car crashes. Are you excited for this remaster? Be sure to check out the original 2008 trailer below.