Dedicated fans are still finding new monsters in Bloodborne

Posted on January 2, 2018

Bloodborne and its siblings from the Souls series have made a name for themselves by being enigmas. Releasing in early 2015 the PlayStation exclusive title has found itself a healthy following of players who are regularly delving into the depths of the mysteries surrounding the game. The surprising thing is that this dedication is paying off and most recently these players have taken advantage of a hack to find and fight two previously undiscovered boss battles.

To understand how these creatures have stayed hidden you first need to understand Bloodborne’s end game Chalice Dungeons. Absent from the Soul series, the Chalice Dungeons see your hunter delve into the subterranean catacombs under the city searching for even more Eldritch horrors to punch. On top of the regular dungeons that have been crafted just like the tightly designed overworld, you are offered Root Chalice Dungeons that are procedurally generated and then can be saved and shared with other eager hunters. It’s in these haphazard corridors that stuff gets weird.


The dungeons have offered a few organic discoveries for players including most recently one monster that was only just discovered in November 2017 even though it had been featured in marketing material. The latest discovery however required a little bit of digital trickery. After data miner Sanadsk uncovered 100’s of unused assets such as enemies and NPCs at the beginning of December, the dedicated “Tomb Prospectors” got to work on the new information. A reddit community dedicated to exploring and mapping the randomised catacombs the Tomb Prospectors have spent the last two years trying to uncover the games secrets.

Chief among these hunters on this occasion was Zullie the Witch, who with this brand new information uncovered the glyphs that lead to hidden content. It was at glyph “sikgc3sm” that Zullie made her first major discovery when she uncovered an unused variant of the Moon Presence. The Moon Presence is the games true final boss but can only be fought if specific items are uncovered. This form of the creature seen below seems to be some kind of second stage evolution for it.

While it very obviously uses unfinished textures and is clipping through the door, the scope of the final fight is easy enough to imagine. However Zullie wasn’t happy bringing us just one new beauty and kept looking to uncover the massive dog known simply as, the Great One. To witness the beast in person simply head over to “arkhv2vs” but make sure you save your game first as these previously hidden dungeons are clearly unfinished and once completing them there is no way to leave the dungeon.

It has been theorised that these dungeons existed as testing areas for developers, a similar dungeon can be found at “2c8czh8h” which is filled with mobs of enemies — most likely used to watch AI patterns. This one most interestingly hosts two unused enemies, one of which has found a fan following. While a dungeon found at “g2xs4nmx” is empty except for environmental assets leading people to believe it may have been used to test multiplayer interactions. Regardless, I can’t stress this enough that if you go to take a peek at any of these do so after creating a separate save to return to as you will get stuck down there and I shan’t be held responsible.

With a possible sequel on the way and a tie-in comic set to be published by Titan Comics in February it’s easy to see the love for Bloodborne is still going strong. Here’s hoping the dedicated Tomb Prospectors can keep uncovering more and more secrets in the dank and terrifying underworld of Yarnham.