Detective Pikachu is heading your way

Posted on January 13, 2018

In somewhat of a surprise move, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have announced that Detective Pikachu will be released exclusively on the 3DS family of consoles on 23rd March 2018. In addition there will also be a special Detective Pikachu Amiibo! At this point I can’t tell which will be more popular.

Detective Pikachu is an action adventure title, featuring a unique Pikachu partnering with Tim Goodman to investigate a series of cases. The background plot is centred around investigating the disappearance of Tim’s father. In this particular game Pikachu is a tough talking sleuth with a love for good coffee. Move over Sherlock Holmes.

This is a western translation of the Japanese game titled Great Detective Pikachu which was released in early 2016. Followed by a fan driven petition for western release and also for Danny Devito to voice the main character. Danny declined to audition unfortunately. But luckily for Nintendo fanboys and girls the game itself is on the way. The western release will include all of the chapters from the Japanese release as well as additional content to round out the story.

Given the title has already seen release in Japan, interested parties can easily check out gameplay footage ahead of release if you are interested to see what you are in for. There is also already a film adaption in the works, with Ryan Reynolds voicing detective Pikachu. I am not joking, it is scheduled to start filming this month.

Anything Pokémon is always hot property. So this one is bound to be a hit when it releases in March and based on it’s following in Japan should definitely be one to watch. With the mysterious Switch bound Pokémon still without details, this one could be a great Pokémon addition whilst we wait.