Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory is coming to ANZ this year on Switch

Posted on January 10, 2018

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory will be coming to Australia and New Zealand for Nintendo Switch this year.  Previously released for PS4 (Sins of an Empire) and PS Vita (Flames of Rebellion), the Nintendo Switch  version will combine both stories into one package. In this instance, I am glad to say that patience was indeed a virtue!

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory features the stories of both Legatus Laendur and the Princess Cecille, rival heroes with very different motivations.  You can either join Lucille as she fights against a coup, or Legatus and overthrow the Empire.  Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of tense conflict in the morning hey?

Fallen Legion

Showing off  a beautifully hand drawn art style, combat that takes me back to games like Valkyrie Profile and most importantly: a sassy tome, this two in one deal seems to be a fair investment for any JRPG or fantasy fan. I can definitely see this one being a decent bridging title while we await some more releases on the Switch, something that I’m definitely struggling with at the moment.

Check out the trailer below.