Could Gaydorado really be paradise?

Posted on January 14, 2018

CocoBear have announced that Chinese developed and acclaimed social RPG, Gaydorado, will be receiving an imminent official English release on Android and iPhone devices. It is officially described as an in-depth social RPG, dress-up and mobile story hybrid. Designed and developed with the Gay community in mind.

The name itself kind of says it all. Set in a gay man’s paradise, multiple activities await players. Meet friends or engage in romantic encounters in a bar or club. Head to the gym, tailor your clothing style or engage in one on one battles.

The game promises exciting storylines, diverse experiences and romantically charged narratives between men with unexpected and action packed plot twists.  There are additional narratives and plot points to unlock. Gaydorado also features a  PvP system. Players show off their strength in the arena, while a dating system allows intimate interactions.

An important note to make is that this is designed to be a social game, so you will be interacting with other players as you go from around the world. Although the game has been available in Asia for a while, this is the first English release. So time will tell what sorts of people you will meet whilst playing.

Far from being the moral police, it must be said that on the surface the game appears more than slightly stereotypical and highly superficial. That said, if the description is to be believed there could be more than meets the eye. As far as meeting people, perhaps their avatar is as indicative as anything.

That said, it doesn’t appear to be designed as a real life dating app.  There is nothing wrong with some fantasy from time to time and it has been highly acclaimed and reviewed. So it may be worth a look, plus its free to play and in the immortal words of Debbie Harry. Dreamin’ is free.