Get ready to rumble in Hyper Universe

Posted on January 4, 2018

I can’t be the only one here who feels we just don’t have enough brawlers out in the gaming world? Surely there are others who enjoy the fast paced, chaotic action, which only a multiplayer brawler can provide. Well it would appear that Nexon felt the same way as I do, since announcing their latest game Hyper Universe, a MOBA-Brawler with an interesting side scrolling stage aspect thrown in.

Watch the trailer to see their game in action and enjoy the cool gameplay video, and super-cheesy voice over (which honestly makes me wanna play the game more).

Hyper Universe will be a free to play, 4 v 4 game that will feature several super powered fighters, called Hypers, duking it out on screen. The battle stages themselves are expansive and are not set to just one small location, so players will have to be aware of their surroundings in order to fight optimally.

The battle roster of Hyper Universe boasts a count of 41 playable fighters upon launch, with six set classes including Tank, Striker, and Support to name a few, so there will certainly be a lot of choice right from the get-go!

Hyper Universe

Now while Hyper Universe is free to play, gamers will have the option to purchase cosmetic skins from the Hyper Universe shop, “while still maintaining the integrity of the game’s skill requirements”. This is certainly a preferable option compared to most other free to play games, which tend to use micro-transactions as a means to bolster ones battle strength.

Hyper Universe

Hyper Universe is set for release this January 17th 2018, and will be available for download and play on the PC via STEAM. More information can be found here, for those interested in learning all about this fresh, new take on an old gaming genre.