God of War release date revealed

Posted on January 24, 2018

One of the most anticipated titles in Sony’s exclusive library, God of War, has received an official release date of April 20th.

Since it was first revealed as the introduction of PlayStation’s E3 press conference back in 2016, we’ve been eagerly awaiting more information on the title and of course a firm release date. Previously we only had a window of “early 2018” so it’s awesome to lock in a specific date so I can book in some serious annual leave at work.

Check out the trailer below!

We can definitely see from the story trailer that they are spending a lot of time on the characterisation of Kratos and the rest of the cast, something that you could argue has been lacking in previous God of War titles in the series. This also starts off the year very strong for the PS4 library, as we await more AAA titles to get release dates in 2018 such as Days Gone, Marvel’s Spiderman, Detroit: Become Human and Dreams… just to name a few!

The Checkpoint crew discussed Sony’s big year ahead in our episode over the weekend which you can listen to here on podcast.

God of War

God of War will be released exclusively on PS4 on April 20th.