Move or Die 2 year anniversary update available now

Posted on January 26, 2018

With the arrival of the 2nd year anniversary of  Move or Die, it’s time to celebrate the death of those friendships you thought would last forever, all because of this amazingly infuriating indie multiplayer! With over 500,000 gamers rage quitting in over 2.6 million games, it’s no wonder Move or Die is said to rival Monopoly and Mario Cart in friendship ruining entertainment.

For those who are new to the Move or Die title, here are some of the fundamentals of gameplay:

Players will battle each other over various mini-game modes that change every 20 to 30 seconds. Each of the ever growing challenges has its own outrageous level design and rules to go along with it. Sounds like fun, right? Well the most important thing to remember in this game, above all the crazy level changes and challenges, is to keep moving. If one of the players stops moving, their health bar diminishes rapidly, and it’s bye bye danny boy!  Along with a whole slew of things to unlock, character skins to discover and more, it’s a game that will certainly bring a lot of fun and excitement to any get together with friends – and a bit of screaming.

To honour this wonderful 2nd year marker, Move or Die has released the ‘2 Year Anniversary Update’ available now on Steam. The free DLC builds upon the ‘Not-A-Store’ feature from the ‘Green and Gold Update’. Among some of the new consumable goodies you can expect are decorative effects like Flammable Head, Snow, Money confetti (make it RAIN) and more!

You can download the free update here, and also buy a copy of the game if you haven’t yet given it a try. Dare to put your friendship bracelets to the test?