Nintendo bringing back childhood memories with the Nintendo Labo

Posted on January 18, 2018

Remember building cardboard robots and houses as a kid? Nintendo does, and they’re bringing that feeling of wonder back with the Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is a cardboard kit with instructions that you put your Switch and Joycons into, and it transforms into a magical working version of what you’ve built.

You’re going to need to have a Switch already for this, as well as the included game cards – presumedly so people aren’t just making their own without the kits. Their tagline is ‘Make, Play Discover’ with the options to invent and explore the technology once you’re comfortable with it, so people are sure to be making some odd and exciting stuff soon.

Arriving in April is a Variety Kit, a sort of grab bag of the new technology that includes 5 other kits:

A motorbike kit, with what looks like a tiny bike and speedometer.

Nintendo Labo

A piano kit, with different knobs for different scales  or sounds, I presume.

Nintendo Lado

A house kit, that lets you plug different attachments into the side.

Nintendo Labo

A fishing kit, for fishing.

Nintendo Labo

And an RC car kit, which I think actually looks like a weird cute bug kit.

Nintendo Labo

When you get the variety kit, it’ll show up looking like this:

Nintendo Labo

It’s like the IKEA of Nintendo games. Everything you need is already included (apart from the Switch) so all you need to do is assemble it! No scissors or glue required.

There’s also a Robot Kit, to turn you or your kid (if you let them have a turn) into a cool VR type robot (although this will set you back a little bit more):

Nintendo Labo

Which when it arrives will look like this:

Nintendo Labo

And of course they’re made of cardboard, so you can paint them or tape them or decorate them however you feel. This means we’ll be seeing a lot of interesting customised kits with themes, rainbows, and knowing the internet, a lot of memes.

This is some next level Nintendo design. Just when I think they’ve reached their peak for designing fun interactive consoles and accessories, they bring out one I can paint on. The variety kit and robot kit will be out April 20th of this year. Check out more on the Offical Nintendo Labo Website.

Watch the trailer: