Pro Overwatch League player suspended after homophobic insult against rival

Posted on January 20, 2018

It seems that the Overwatch League has once again found itself in hot water due to anti LGBTI+ issues. We first saw Australian viewers exposed to a transphobic anti Safe Schools ad campaign, and now one of the pro League players has made homophobic remarks about a player from an opposing team.

Following their 4-0 win against Dallas Fuel this Thursday, openly gay Houston Outlaws player Austin “Muma” Wilmot used the term “rolled and smoked” to describe their landslide win against Dallas in a post game stream. Dallas Fuel player Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who is known for using this phrase, reacted angrily to the call in his own post game stream.  Lengyel said to his viewers:

“No, you didn’t smoke shit. Shut your fucking mouth. Go back there, suck a fat cock. I mean, he would like that.”

Lengyel was quick to recognize he had crossed a line in his stream but Wilmot on his own stream said that he wasn’t bothered by the remark while throwing his own shade back to Lengyel. Taking to Twitter Lengyel apologized for the statement and acknowledge he needs to learn from this, Wilmot also gracious accepted the apology.

Even with the interaction between the two players, Dallas Fuel released a statement that Lengyel will not being playing in today’s match against London Spitfire with possible further action to follow.

This kind of behavior is definitely something that needs to be stamped out in the Overwatch League. As we’ve previously said the Overwatch League is aiming to treat itself in the same stead as the professional sports leagues of America. With that in mind the players will need to behave in a way that is complimentary of both their team but also the League as a whole—something that the edgy gamer vibe some streamers are known for won’t mix with.

While we wait to see if more action will be taken the Director of Twitch Studios, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, has come out in support of the ban and suspensions while shutting down the excuse of being young and stupid.

UPDATE: Lengyel has been suspended for 4 matches and fined $2000, according to the official Overwatch League.