Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- count down reached, secrets revealed

Posted on January 28, 2018

The wait is over. The timer has ticked down and the speculations now ends. Rejoice Yume Nikki fans, we have Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- coming our way, but possibly not in the form we were expecting. Yume Nikki was a 2004 cult classic surrealist horror game. And it looks like 2018 is bringing about a follow up.

The website of Yume Nikki hosting the mysterious countdown, and the cause of fans everywhere sharing theories and predictions has now made a transformation and we gain our first glimpses of what is to come.

So, what information do we have so far on the new instalment?

The website has been specifically labelling Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- as a “follow-up” and not a sequel, going on to say that this game brings into it a combination of influences from the original game, as well as adding in elements from other indie juggernauts. What we are presented with here is a unique new take on Yume Nikki, a continuation on of the cult classic into a darker, more twisted world, showing us the potential of what RPG maker games can become.

The RPG maker team at Kadokawa Corp have joined forces with a development team of passionate Yume Nikki fans from Active Gaming Media Inc to give a modern and respectful spin on the twisted world we love. The combined team have been working under the supervision and full cooperation of the game’s original creator, Kikiyama, working with concepts and monsters hidden away in sketchbooks for the past 16 years and working closely with them to bring about its own unique and nostalgic experience. Personally with cult favourites, I always feel much better knowing something has the support and approval of the original creator behind it. Though we may be getting something a little different than what we were expecting. It will be an experience full of passion and genuine love and adoration for the original game. Some of the best moments in games come out of such ardent developers, and I am eager to see what new and exciting things they can create through RPG maker.

Lastly, when can we expect to get our hands on this deliciously horrific title?

Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- will be rolling out on Steam on 23/02/18, that’s only 4 weeks away! So make sure to mark down the 23rd of February on your calendars so you can get your hands on it and descend into the madness as soon as it’s released.
All information can be found on the website HERE  and the Steam page HERE.