Biomutant shows off its big beautiful world in new gameplay trailer

Posted on February 20, 2018

To say the Checkpoint team is hyped and excited to play Biomutant when it arrives in 2018 would be a fair statement. Since Experiment 101’s announcement trailer premiered last year at GamesCon 2017, we’ve been eagerly awaiting for more footage to surface. It would seem our patience has been rewarded with a glimpse of game play footage that was released yesterday.

The trailer is gorgeous and features the titular Biomutant showcasing his nimble manoeuvrability while highlighting air travel, wall climbing, and combat at both close, and far range. We also get to see the character customisation feature at work with a variety of different Biomutant’s seen out in the world. If that wasn’t enough the trailer also teases the use of oddly crafted machinery that can be used to attack a menagerie of adversaries with.


The actual combat shown within the trailer looks just as stunning as the surroundings. You’ll be able to attack an enemy with an assortment of different weapons, abilities and ranges. When used correctly, players will even have ability to combo close and long range attacks together seamlessly. I can’t wait to try my hand at perfecting attacks that require short range martial arts, as I always enjoy a gaming battle where it gets up close and personal.

So far there is no actual release date announced for Biomutant, with only an enigmatic release year of 2018 to go by. What we do know though is it will be available for play on the PlayStaion4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam once released.