Boo! Monsters Inc. is coming to Kingdom Hearts 3

Posted on February 12, 2018

It’s as if Square Enix and PIXAR have answered my gaming prayers with yet another iconic Disney film finally being confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3. Monsters Inc. is finally getting some screen time and I can’t wait to see what shenanigans I’ll be able to get up to in this ‘whole new world’.

Now as most avid Kingdom Hearts fans would know, a screenshot featuring Sora, sporting a new monster form,  alongside familiar Monsters Inc. characters was leaked last year. Although the recent trailer featured at D23 pretty much confirmed this leaked image to be official and confirm that players will get to fight alongside Mike and Sully! Not only that but viewers were treated to new game play footage from other worlds, including Toy World, and Tangled (one of my favourites).

Kingdom Hearts 3

Of course, in true Kingdom Hearts style, the trailer actually left us asking more questions than it answered. For instance, why are two of the series more prolific antagonists, Vanitas and Marluxia,walking around as if nothing had happened to them? Not only that but what is Sora going to do to awaken both Roxas and Ventus from within? Also when are we going to see more Big Hero 6? After it’s announcement we’ve seen no gameplay footage featuring the comic book superhero inspired world.

Kingdom Hearts 3

For those who are also big fans of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, it’s been officially announced in a second smaller trailer that Utada Hikaru is reprising her role and main vocalist for the game’s opening number. Tthe title of her new song is ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and can be heard below along with a mysterious discussion between King Mickey and Riku.

Still not content announcing an actual release date it seems, Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios are keeping us all waiting on baited breath. However, we’ve waited over 10 years for Kingdom Hearts 3, what’s a few more months? Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for release this 2018 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Only time and (fingers crossed) E3 will tell when we’ll get our hands on this game.