GTA V has sold an unbelievable 90 million units

Posted on February 8, 2018

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has been an undeniable success for developer Rockstar and publisher Take Two. Since its release back in September of 2013, the game has sold a ludicrous amount of copies, which now totals over 90 million. For a bit of perspective, that places the game as one of the best selling video games ever. Whilst it’s difficult to find a 100% reliable source of video game sale statistics, Wikipedia suggest that the game is the third best selling of all time, sitting behind Tetris and Minecraft. Naturally you can’t trust these statistics completely, although they certainly help prove the game’s unquestionable success. Fun fact, according to Wikipedia, GTA V also outsold Wii Sports which was an unavoidable purchase with the Wii console.

The news come via a Tweet from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

What is the most fascinating here is that the game continues to sell in massive quantities even to this day, more than 4 years after its release. Selling 15 million copies in 2017 alone means that GTA V outsold some of 2017’s biggest releases and more than doubled Star Wars: Battlefront II which sold 9 million units, falling short of their sales expectations.

What will Rockstar and Take Two do with this massive success? Well they are continuing to update GTA V Online for starters. Hopefully it also means that Red Dead Redemption 2 will have all the resources in the world to make it the best possible game it can be.