HellSign brings supernatural horror to small town Australia

Posted on February 28, 2018

Set in small-town Australia, HellSign forces players to navigate through a range of deadly foes in this hunt or be hunted supernatural horror RPG.

Formerly titled Hellhunter, Developer Ballistic Interactive have had to modify the name of this Aussie based horror game due to a trademarking issue, but this hasn’t stopped Ballistic Interactive in their pursuit of gaming success.

Ballistics’s Pete Skyking has stated “…we were on a small indie budget and found that many successful indie games didn’t have a trademark on launch, we decided to take the risk and instead put the money toward making a better game…”.

HellSign screenshot

HellSign has you play the role of a bounty hunter who wakes up with a vague recollection of having died the previous evening while on a deadly mission. The game takes players on a journey through a nightmarish version of small-town Australia where you’ll need to build and develop your skills and arsenal to take on the creatures of the world.

Being marked down almost 10,000 times on various Steam wishlists, the name change has clearly not diminished the popularity of this much-anticipated title.

HellSign is expected for release later in 2018.