Ink or Swim is ready to reel you in hook, line and sinker!

Posted on February 9, 2018

Are you ready for your thumbs to get the finger tapping workout or their life? Ink or Swim by home grown Melbourne based developer Valorian Games is the latest endless tapper to hit the iOS marketplace, hooking fans of the tapper/runner genre instantly.

When it comes to apps on our mobile phones it seems like we honestly can’t get enough of endless runner/tapper games. In regards to quick and simple apps they’re clearly in the top downloads and for a good reason, with literally endless hours of fun at our fingertips they’re the perfect way to pass the time whilst ridding the bus, train or… err… visiting the toilet! Just don’t drop your phone.

So with Ink or Swim being the new fish in the pond, I spent some quality time with this delightful little app, diving into its highly addictive tap mechanics and beautifully animated worlds to let you know exactly why you should be downloading it to start tapping you life away.

The premise for Ink or Swim is pretty basic, tap your way up the screen and avoid the treacherous obstacles and villainous enemies that hinder your path, all whilst collecting your precious golden shells. Along your path up the screen you must avoid being hit by coral, grabbed by a grumpy crab, dodge the occasional hipster jelly fish and sea mines.  You aren’t alone with just your tapping powers to save you however. Starfish power ups and sea sponge tubes are there to help you push your way up past all this to getting the best high score possible!

Apart from its obviously fun gameplay and easy to master mechanics, the true lure to Ink or Swim can be found in its world or level design. Whilst playing I found myself quite addicted in my goal to unlock all 32 unique and quirky underwater worlds. In each new world you will find an adorable new pixel landscape for your squid character to swim. They too will also be adorned with a new costume fitting to this new landscape. From Rockabilly Bay to Captain’s Cove, Coastal Cottage and even Scuba Stream, each world is a delight to unlock. Personally I’m still enjoying finding the hidden gems (like bowler hat wearing jelly fish in Rockabilly Bay) of each level.

Time your taps to stay afloat, dodge killer coral and salty sea-enemies! Power up with the super starfish and turn the tables on your foes! Collect over 30 underwater worlds from Captain’s Cove to Rockabilly Bay. Simple to learn yet hard to master, Ink or Swim is a squidstastic time for all!


  • Pick up and play, no tutorial required!
  • Unlock 32 quirky underwater worlds
  • Dive into bright colors, cheerful chiptune music and challenging gameplay
  • Lightning fast rounds for when you ride the bus, subway or toilet!
  • Be the top squid – swim to the top of the leaderboard or share snapshots with your friends

Ink or Swim does contain in app purchases and if you are planning to play this addictive little app then be prepared for adds which let’s be honest are everywhere in mobile games these days and in my opinion don’t drastically take away from the overall game enjoyment here. It did however chew up a chunk of my battery power so if you are planning to play a marathon session like myself than it might be best to be near a power source, otherwise for use on a train or bus trip this is the perfect pick up and play app. Ink or Swim is out now and available for free on the iOS app store.