Evangelion heads to Maple Story in a big upcoming update

Posted on February 19, 2018

Move over Bayonetta and your Amiibo costumes.  Stand aside Capcom and Monster Hunter.  There’s a new collaboration in town and this is for the very… rare fan.  Remember Maple Story?  That little side-scrolling Japanese MMORPG that was super cute but everyone that you know stopped playing it when they hit their late teens and got into World of Warcraft instead.  Well while you haven’t been looking, it’s still been going strong and their next event has me super excited.

That’s right – it’s a cross-over with Neon Genesis Evangelion!  Holy smokes!  The show’s evil monstrosities, Angels, have invaded Maple World to wreak havoc and it’s up to you to stop them.  According to the website, every couple of hours an Angel will appear and if you defeat them within the time limit, you will receive EVA Coins which can be used to trade for items in the Coin Shop.  Apparently the 4th Angel (everyone’s favourite, Sachiel) will appear in major towns, whilst the 6th Angel will appear in the Omega Sector.  There are 3 daily quests from Dr. Kim which award EVA Coins, as well as quests from the displaced characters from Evangelion.

No event in a free-to-play MMO would be complete without limited-time only items in a Cash Shop, but I am a big enough fan not to mind.  You can buy the Evangelion Surprise Style loot box (look, I’ll try not to get angry) with a chance to drop outfits from the anime, or find exclusive items in the Evangelion Random box.

Time to see if I can remember my old account login details, and if not then maybe I’ll just have to start all over again because it’ll be a cold day in hell before I miss out on anything Evangelion related.

Follow this link for more information.