Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s fastest selling game ever

Posted on February 10, 2018

The success of Monster Hunter World has reached undeniable heights. Over on the Monster Hunter Japanese Twitter the following translated Tweet was made:

“[Announcement] [Monster Hunter: World] has surpassed 6 million units shipped worldwide (including the sales performance of DL version)! Capcom achieves six million shipments in the fastest pace ever! Continue to enjoy the Monster Hunter: World!”

Whilst shipments aren’t quite the same as sales, it’s a very good indication of the success of the product. Especially when those shipments are the fastest ever within Capcom’s history. It’s not just physical sales where Monster Hunter World is dominating either. Unsurprisingly, over on the PlayStation store, you can see that Monster Hunter World is the top selling game. What is slightly more surprising though is that the game is also the top selling game on the Xbox store, overtaking the behemoth that is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The success of the game on Xbox (which is a console far more popular in Western countries) shows how Monster Hunter World has a worldwide appeal. This is good news for Capcom because the franchise has been previously targeted at Eastern audiences and often unavailable to the rest of the world.

Monster Hunter World is certainly deserving of all of this success. With our review of the title suggesting that the game is “the best the franchise has ever produced.” And all of this success before the game even lands on PC (expected later this year), which will surely bring even more sales.