Murderous Pursuits brings PvP assassination to your PC

Posted on February 2, 2018

Murderous Pursuits is the brand new multiplayer stealth game from developers Blazing Griffin. Up to 8 players are tasked with carrying out a violent act, given to them by the mysterious Mr. X. Set in an alternate reality Victorian era, players find themselves aboard an elaborate floating ship built for the upper class.

Players have to find their target, plot their demise and remain hidden, as well as protecting themselves from any would-be assassins after their head.

Unlike the previous PvP murder frenzy from the same developers, The Ship: Remasted, players will be able to equip items to help them carry out their task. These include temporary disguises, flash grenades, and objects that counter any assassination attempts on you. There will also be vignettes – special locations that allow nearby characters to participate in a variety of “highbrow activities”, like appreciating art and discussing foreign economics, in an attempt to dissolve suspicion.

Murderous Pursuits Screenshot

Don’t spend too long trying to discern whether that person is friendly or not… they could be carrying a knife with the intention of stabbing you later on.

Murderous Pursuits is set to bring this stealth-em-up, PvP murder mystery to PC in March 2018. Check out the reveal trailer below and the Steam page for more details.