ONRUSH: an adrenaline-fuelled return to arcade racing

Posted on February 23, 2018

Codemasters have touted their upcoming game ONRUSH as a return to arcade racing. The new gameplay trailer is a hyper-speed love letter to the genre, with a lens flare quota that makes J. J. Abrams look conservative.

In ONRUSH players are not only judged by their ability to beat the pack, but also on how they do it. Death-defying takedowns, helped along by building up your “RUSH” ability meter, can be performed individually or as part of a coordinated team effort.

With eight unique vehicles to choose from, each with their own handling specs, abilities and characteristics, there should be something for every arcade racing die-hard.

ONRUSH game art

Fresh from the creative minds of their new development team, UK-based Codemasters (formerly Evolution Studios) will be unleashing ONRUSH onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles June 5th, 2018.