Outlast now available on the Switch

Posted on February 28, 2018

Without any notice the horror game Outlast has been added to the Nintendo Switch eShop for purchase—so get ready to embrace the macabre on your morning commute.

While publishers Red Barrels previously announced that it intended to bring both Outlast and the sequel, Outlast 2, to the Switch in 2018 no dates were previously confirmed. The original game has appeared in the eShop without any announcements on social media or news from Red Barrels, with the game sneaking onto the console without too much notice.

A developer playing Outlast on the Switch


While the original title and the DLC Whistleblower are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, Outlast 2 has not appeared in the digital library alongside the first game.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror, which includes Whisleblower, is available for purchase in the US eShop even though the Nintendo US website states the release date as March 27th. This seems to be an error as US Switch users are able to purchase and play the game today. The site also states that Switch owners can pre-order Outlast 2, but does not list a release date, signalling that the sequel will be coming to the Switch.

Are you ready to shorten your life span with some horrific jump scares? Check out the since released trailer below.