Sharpen your claws and ninja skills with Claws Of Furry!

Posted on February 5, 2018

Cat fans, Rogue-like fans, and co-op fans, perk up those furry ears! Claws Of Furry is heading to Xbox One, Switch and PC. This  arcade beat ’em up will have players scratching and punching their way through 50 levels. Fight through hoards of enemies with up to four friends.

Don’t like Rogue likes? Don’t worry. With the ‘Pussycat Mode’ the game can be played with checkpoints in every level in a classic linear adventure.

Claws of Furry artwork

Claws of Furry will feature:

  • Multiple Modes including: Rogue-like, Arena, Pussycat & Local co-op
  • Local co-op with up to 4 players
  • Unlockable costumes with unique gameplay properties
  • Hand-painted art
  • 50 levels
  • 4  distinct environments

Claws Of Furry art

Claws Of Furry will release officially Spring (Australia’s Autumn) this year. It’ll release on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Keep up to date on the Offical Website or the Steam.