Sonic CD is added to Sega Forever with Joy-Con Support

Posted on February 12, 2018

Sonic CD is widely considered to be one of the best 2D Sonic games of the era. Unfortunately due to its platform, the ill fated Mega CD, it flew under the commercial radar despite stellar reviews. Unless you managed to pick up the GEMs collection a few years back, chances are many gamers and Sonic fans may have missed out on the game. Until now, because it is available on mobile devices via Sega Forever!

In case you missed the memo, Sega Forever launched to great hype and fanfare last year on mobile devices. It features free to play (ad supported) Sega games with the option to purchase for a small fee. Saves, online leaderboards, plus some nice design touches make it a cool service. The lineup has expanded to include games such as Phantasy Star II, Streets of Rage, Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi and more. They are intending to (and to their credit have followed through with) adding more games regularly spanning all of the Sega consoles.

Sonic CD is a an interesting entry into the series. In the early 90’s Sonic the Hedgehog was massive business. This particular game originally was to be a port of Sonic 2 for the brand new Mega CD add on. However as development went on the port was abandoned and a new game was developed. Notably, Sonic CD marks the first appearances of several characters that went on to become mainstays. Both Amy and Metal Sonic debuted and the boss fight with Metal Sonic is a highlight. Graphically the game featured an animated intro, CD quality sound and polygon based third person running special stages. Additionally, hitting certain posts allows you to travel backwards and forwards in time. Essentially meaning there are three difference versions of every Stage.

One thing when it comes to games like these, and actually most of the Forever lineup, is control. Some games particularly turn based RPGs or puzzle games translate well to mobile. However action platform games that need precision can be tricky on a touch screen. Luckily the Sega Forever lineup of games (Sonic CD included) feature Bluetooth controller support. Interestingly enough if you have an Android phone, your shiny Nintendo Switch Joy-Con is supported. Simply press the sync button on your controller and your device should identify and pair it.  When you boot up Sonic CD your controller will be usable. Perfect for those times when you want to game on the move but don’t want to take your Switch OR you feel like some of that Sega greatness to get you through your morning.

Ultimately, although there was initial hype around Sega Forever as a concept, the release of games that many consider to be average means that the service now flies under the radar unfortunately. But the positive is that Sega are continuing to improve and release titles under the banner, or move titles that were already available on mobile into the forever category with a bit of a tidy up. The Bluetooth controller support is definitely a plus as many would be unplayable with a touch screen. The inclusion of Sonic CD is a positive sign and hopefully we will see more rare games getting the forever treatment in the future.

Have you played any Sega Forever Mobile games?