Bombslinger is exploding out of Early Access

Posted on March 9, 2018

Bomberman inspired Bombslinger is set to burst out of Steam Early Access and onto Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on the 11th of April.

A spaghetti western themed, bomb based brawler made by a two-man squad in Brussels. Bombslinger is a free for all party game, with procedurally generated levels, as well as a comprehensive single player mode that includes a skill upgrade system and a variety of weapons and items, that tells a tale of revenge.

The timeless Bomberman style gameplay is augmented by the addition of different bombs, which net different explosion patterns, as well as various items, obstacles and enemies to face off against, all rolled into a classic and crazy multiplayer blow-em-up.

If you are on PC and can’t wait to play, the game is currently in Early Access and can be picked up here. Otherwise, the full game will be out on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam on April 11.

Bombslinger gameplay