A challenger approaches! Super Smash Bros Switch announced for 2018!

Posted on March 9, 2018

Another day, another Nintendo Direct. And as always the last trailer released is the most tantalising of all.  After a nice serving of Splatoon trailer goodness we are treated to a fun little battle between two Inklings who are suddenly interrupted by a blazing logo in the sky.  That’s right Smash fans, you guessed it! Super Smash Bros has been announced for the Nintendo Switch! Watch the trailer here and enjoy!

The Inklings are certainly one of the Nintendo mascots that fans, myself included, have been waiting for, and it looks as if our prayers have been answered. Of course the trailer also teases viewers with a shadowy shot of other Smash Bros alumni, and a nice big close up of Mario and Link. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to discern who the rest of the returning fighters are just yet, but a few familiar profiles suggest some of the old favourites will be returning.

Super Smash Bros has been slated for a 2018 release date and with the year only having just begun this most likely means we will be waiting a while before the game finally releases. Fear not though, Nintendo is notorious for building up the game hype for Smash Bros and I’m all for new fighters and an update to the many, already beloved, existing fighters. Tell us who you want to return this time round, and which other new fighters you want to see join the battle roster!