The Greens looking to invest $100 Million into Australian video games

Posted on March 5, 2018

The Greens political party (Australia) has announced a plan for a $100 million investment into the Australian Games Industry.  This comes as part of The Greens campaign for the upcoming by-election in the Victorian seat of Batman.

Spokesman Jordon Steele-John said recently:

“Video games are culturally, artistically and economically significant. Worth more than $3 billion annually in Australia and over $100 billion worldwide, the Australian Greens see video games as a key component in rebooting our digital future.”

Greens Spokesperson Jordon Steele-John

Jordon Steele-John also called the current government out on  its lack of funding within the games industry:

“For a government so concerned with selling the message of innovation, it is deeply hypocritical to continue to ignore the creative, cultural, and economic contributions of the video games industry.”

This comes after the current Government’s dismal response to requests and suggestions to help support the ever growing industry.

The Greens have always been very supportive of the Games Industry. Their website outlines plans for further involvement in the industry such as:

  • Restoring the $20M Australian Interactive Games Fund which was previously implemented by the Labor government and abolished by the Liberals.
  • Expand the Producer’s Tax Offset of 40% to video game developers.
  • The Greens have allocated $5M over the forward estimates to assist in the development of creative spaces.

The full plans for the budget will be released further into the election.