Headsnatchers is releasing this year. Don’t lose your head!

Posted on March 26, 2018

Try to keep your head on your shoulders while you play this one! Headsnatchers is the new party game announced by Iguanabee and Iceberg Interactive, to be released in Q2 2018 on PC and PlayStation 4.

The objective is simple: snatch your opponents’ heads and use them to score across 4 different mayhem-inducing game modes.  No rules, no regulations, and use of weapons is allowed. Be careful though, because you’ll need to protect your own head from being stolen.  Play online, or just with your friends. Or, if you just want some me-time, you can play through a mysterious ‘Zombie Mode’. Each of the 25+ levels promises to have unique features and weapons, and the game’s steam page promises that you can make use of a giant tentacled monster. What’s not to love?

Choose from over 100 different heads, or customise your own head using a huge range of zany accessories and colours. Make sure none of your friends are crimping your style!

Headsnatchers looks like it’ll be absolute pandemonium, and a great way to end some friendships. We’ll be looking forward to it when it hits Steam and PlayStation 4 during Q2.