Horizon Zero Dawn sells over 7.6 million copies in its first year

Posted on March 2, 2018

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 7.6 million copies worldwide in its first year of release, making it the best selling first-party franchise on the PlayStation 4 to date.

For comparison, it beat out the 7 million copies that The Last of Us sold in its first year.

Understandably, both Sony and developer Guerrilla Games seem  quite chuffed about the figure, which includes physical and digital sales. The number is particularly impressive given that Horizon Zero Dawn released just days before, and was considered to be largely overshadowed by the juggernaut that was Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

“We had huge ambition for Horizon: Zero Dawn and as we approached the launch we knew people were excited, but to see sales of this volume is truly mind blowing” said Guerrila’s co-founder, Hermen Hulst.

To celebrate its 1 year anniversary, Sony has released a collection of Horizon: Zero Dawn avatars for the PS4 as well as a new PS4 theme, which uses some of the best fan-made photos of the game from its stunning photo mode. Both the avatars and the theme are available to download free from the PlayStation Store.

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