March 2018 Games with Gold announced

Posted on March 2, 2018

March 2018’s Games with Gold lineup is gonna put your skills to the test!

Trials of the Blood Dragon and Superhot are available on Xbox One to test your mettle across two very different genres. A unique take on the Trails series, Trials of the Blood Dragon blends the gameplay of Trials with the over-the-top 80s aesthetic of Blood Dragon. While Superhot (“Super… … Hot”) is a first person shooter where time only moves when you do. Fight your way out of rooms of bad guys by using this unique mechanic to see where the bullets are coming to carefully plan steps to take them out.

Check the full list here:

Xbox One

  • Trials of the Blood Dragon — available all month
  • Superhot — March 16 – April 15

Xbox  360 

  • Brave: The Video Game — March 1 – 15
  • Quantum Conundrum —March 16 – 31

Superhot on Games with Gold MarchWhich games are you keen on downloading this month?