Serve. Point. Match! Mario Tennis Aces shines in Nintendo Direct.

Posted on March 11, 2018

A nice chunk of Friday’s Nintendo Direct featured one of its more ‘sporty’ gaming franchises, Mario Tennis Aces. The trailer itself shows off a couple new gameplay modes, as well as new gameplay mechanics, and a varied selection of over 15 playable characters, including Mario, Bowser, and Peach to choose from. The game will be able to support up to four players in both local and online multiplayer, so it looks as though you’ll be wearing out those racket strings in no time flat.

Mario Tennis Aces will have multiple different control schemes, including motion control (swing mode), pro controller, and joy con controller so that players will have several ways to enjoy the game. Quite a bit of the games mechanics were showcased today with several different shots shown including basic shots – topspin, slice, and lob.

Players will also have the option to slow down play, take aim and shoot the ball in any direction they chose with the new Zone Shot.  This new shot is super powerful and will zoom across the field at break neck speeds, or damage your opponents rackets if they manage to parry it. Should your opponent sustain too much  damage they’ll actually break their racket and be forced to forfeit. Timing is key to blocking a zone shot, as doing so will ensure you receive no damage penalty when knocking back the ball.

Mario Tennis Aces

You will also be able to perform the technique called Zone Speed, which works like bullet time, allowing you to cover more ground on the court to counter hard to reach Zone and Special shots. Performing Zone moves will cost you energy from your gauge to perform, but you can replenish this by executing a well timed Trick Shot. Performing a trick shot will require precise timing and accuracy as it can actually miss if you’re too early or too close to the balls landing point. Finally, once you have enough energy in your gauge, you’ll be able to perform the Special Shot, a serve that boasts massive speed and damage. If you can manage to get one of these off your opponent will be hard pressed to counter without suffering some kind of setback.

The modes available in Mario Tennis Aces include Simple Rules, a watered down version of the game which only allows players to use the basic shots, so it may serve as a handy starting point for those who are new to the game. Online Multiplayer mode allows you to play against others online with up to four payers in a single match, and also compete in online tournaments and other events. Thankfully match-making has been made easier by putting players up against others of the same skill and calibre based of their performance in the given played event. Participants will also be gifted rewards for playing online with special in-game outfits and additional characters.

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces will be available on the Nintendo Switch from June 22, 2018, and for those who cant wait to get their hands on this fun filled game you’ll be pleased to learn Nintendo is holding a Pre-Launch Online Tournament. You’ll be able to experience a 1 vs 1 tournament before it’s even released onto the Switch. More details on this online event when they arrive. So who are you most excited to play with and how do you plan to best beat your opponent on the court?