Win a million dollars playing Shadowverse!

Posted on March 15, 2018

We’ve had two huge announcements from Shadowverse, a popular online card game, about their e-sports competition this week! With an offline tournament called the World Circuit with a prize pool of $10,000, and the World Grand Prix, with a first place price of $1,000,000!

shadowverse cover

The World Circuit is open to everyone, and reaching even further than in previous years. The offline competition extends to South East Asia, South America and Oceania for the first time ever, and continues in North America and Europe.  The prize for top players is $16,000 (except  South East Asia and Oceania which is $3000) with a chance to participate in the World Grand Prix.

shadowverse gameplay

The World Grand Prix takes place in Tokyo and only a few can qualify for it it.

  • The winners of each of the World Circuit tournaments
  • The winners of the Spring and Summer Pan-American or European Shadowverse Open online tournaments
  • The players with the most 2018 league points (league points can be earned across all competitions)
  • Winners of dedicated wild card tournaments that will take place in September.

Check out more information and sign up on the Offical Website and be sure to check out the Shadowverse competition trailer: