Discover music, monsters & mental unrest in Distortions

Posted on March 7, 2018

Distortions by Brazilian Indie developer Among Giants has you navigating your way through a surreal visual feast in this multi-award winning musical adventure game.

Armed initially with only a journal, a violin and the help of a masked monster, you assume the role of a girl lost in her own memories. You must find clues, develop new abilities, and use your musical aptitude to literally shape and change the environment as you move through the landscape, unravelling the secrets of your unconscious.

The integration of music and gameplay in this title play a key role in the overall gaming experience.  Thiago Grilello, the CEO of Among Giants, has stated “…music is virtually everywhere in Latin America’s largest country. We have gotten used to using music to overcome challenges, heal from our emotional or physical wounds, and nurture personal relationships. This dynamic is at the heart of Distortions – informing the gameplay every step of the way.”

You’ll be able to traverse your way through a landscape of inner turmoil in Distortions, which recently released on Steam for Windows PC.

Distortions screenshot