PAX Aus and EB Expo are merging into one big convention

Posted on March 14, 2018

Pax Aus and EB Expo are the two biggest gaming conventions Australia has to offer and PAX Australia has just delivered the news of the decade by announcing that they will be joining forces this year in Melbourne for one super gaming convention!

This partnership will bring the world-class features of EB Expo and PAX Aus together for the first time and include a dedicated area for the biggest game publishers to showcase upcoming titles, developer presentations, and Australia’s biggest pop-up EB Games store. Whilst this will be a first for both conventions, it will be great to see them combining the best this industry has to offer. From our home grown indie developers that are often showcased on the PAX Rising floor to the big name developers that will all be under the one roof.

This massive gaming super convention between PAX Aus and EB Expo will be held at PAX Australia’s home here in Melbourne and it’s currently unclear what this will mean for EB Expo itself who just last year went from there long time location in Sydney back home to Queensland.

Jono Whyman, Event Manager of PAX Aus said “PAX Aus grows every year, and in 2018, EB Expo is the red mushroom to our Italian plumber. We’re incredibly excited to partner with EB Games to level up PAX Aus and continue to put on the biggest, best gaming show for our die-hard fans and new members of the PAX family.”

This is a sentiment echoed by Debra McGrath, Event Director for EB Game. “When we created the EB Expo in 2011, our aim was to share our love of video games with as many people as possible. Our vision for the future is to create a world-class event that becomes a landmark on the global gaming calendar. After an exhaustive search we have found a kindred spirit in the awesome team at PAX Australia, who share our vision. Together, with the full support of the Australian publisher community, the IGEA and Creative Victoria we are committed to creating an event that gives Australians the experience they deserve.”

Whatever happens long term for both conventions we’re extremely excited and as always team Checkpoint will be on hand all three days to bring you all the action from PAX Aus and EB Expo. PAX Aus 2018 will take place from 26-28 October and you can be guaranteed that thanks to their partnership with EB Expo ticket sales will be bigger than ever this year!