PlayStation VR ‘Picks of the Month’ for February

Posted on March 2, 2018

From a space race, to a gun-toting Western, PlayStation VR Februrary picks of the month run the gamut of genres. Will these games be enough to entice you with the world of virtual reality?

Apex Construct

Apex Construct - PlayStation VR February

Set in a robot-dominated dystopian future (what other kinds are there really?), this action-adventure game sees you wielding a bow which you use in equal measure to both solve puzzles and battle said robots, helping to reveal the mysteries of this neon-hued world. Designed exclusively for PlayStation VR, you can grab this in the PlayStation Store now for $44.95.

Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector - PlayStation VR February

A break-neck intergalactic space race where your familiarity with the tracks and maps will be your key to victory. You’ll be pitted against other other racers from across the globe to fight for…galactic glory? Whatever it’s for, you’ll have to be quick to win. If you’re like me, the idea of super speed and VR don’t always  mix well, but we’re promised smooth movements to keep that nausea at bay.  Sprint Vector is available via PlayStation Store for $37.95 or $26.56 for PS Plus members.

Rec Room

Rec Room - PlayStation VR February

If VR social networking is more your thing, then the Rec Room might be worth a visit. Combining an international community of gamers with an ever-growing suite of games and the tools to create your own, it sounds like Rec Room are going for something a little more unique than just a VR-based meet and greet. The best thing about it? You can get it for free! So there’s really no excuse, go grab a copy from the PlayStation Store now and challenge your friends to a round of paintball or 3D Charades.

Cold Iron

Cold Iron - PlayStation VR February

This ‘Weird West’ shooter sounds like it might be more comfortable within the fantasy genre based on it’s trailer, but wherever it sits, it’s hard to go past a game with a self-described ‘Demonic Pistol’ as your weapon of choice. Instead of throwing wave upon wave of generic gunslingers at you, it seems like Cold Iron is more interested in making each duel and enemy unique. This gives the game a more survival-like bent, so if that sounds like your jam you can grab it via the PlayStation Store now for $29.95.

Which of these PlayStation VR titles will you be checking out?