PUBG Mobile end game stats is putting the PC / Xbox version to shame

Posted on March 21, 2018

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has recently been released on iOS and Android. Whilst the game may not play quite as smoothly as the PC or Xbox One versions, there is one feature that is certainly more impressive on mobile – the end game player statistics.

The mobile port for PUBG was first announced back in November 2017. With no word of a release date the game made its surprise mobile debut not too long after competitor Fortnite announced their mobile version, which is currently available as an invite-only beta for the iOSĀ  platform.

PUBG Mobile game art

Not surprisingly, PUBG Mobile is essentially a watered down version of the PC and Xbox One game. The same gameplay exists as well as the 100 player game limit although your controls are more limited and less accurate. An on-screen analog stick is used for movement and a tap icon is used for firing, jumping, crouching, laying prone, looting, or opening your inventory. All in all it’s actually a fairly impressive port considering the size and scope of the game, but it’s certainly not the best way to experience PUBG (although as a free game it most definitely is the cheapest way to experience PUBG).

What has players scratching their heads is that the game actually improves on the PC and Xbox versions in one distinct way. Despite the limitations of the platform, PUBG for mobile has much more details in its end of game screen, displaying information such as kills, damage dealt, survival time, health restored, revives, and an overall rating. It even gives you a grade, a title, and awards an MVP. Not to mention you can see all of these details for everybody on your squad and easily compare.

PUBG Mobile squad statistics

With the 100 man survival game being in development for quite some time now, I understand why this is annoying some players. Basic statistics such as the ones provided in PUBG Mobile seem like obvious inclusions into the PC and Xbox versions of the game and something fans have been demanding for a while. Perhaps their inclusion in PUBG Mobile means they will also be heading to the other versions of the game? We can only hope.