Sims creator Will Wright announces new mobile game, Proxi

Posted on March 20, 2018

Celebrated game designer Will Wright, known for creating The SimsSimcity and Spore, has announced his latest project Proxi at the Game Development Conference.

Proxi trailer screenshot

Like Wright’s previous games, Proxi will be a simulation game, but it differs from his previous works in many ways.  Unlike  his other simulation games, in this new game for mobile devices, gamers will create worlds with their memories.

To bring this idea to life, Wright has partnered with Unity to hold an art contest where entrants can submit pieces. Two of the winners can win an opportunity to meet Wright and the Proxi team, with a chance to join them as a 3D artist and work on the game. The art competition will be open until May 14, so if you think you are interested in checking that out then head here for more information.

Proxi trailer screenshot 2

The announcement of Proxi makes this Will Wright’s first new game in ten years, since 2008’s Spore.