Thimbleweed Park DLC officially released and unbeeped

Posted on March 3, 2018

Thimbleweed Park’s horrific and badmouthed clown Ransome has his own themed DLC. No, there’s no new content. No there’s no new art, or endings, or new directions or anything like that.

No, this DLC takes out all the *bleeps*. You can now play the game and listen to all Ransome’s swearing.  No bleeps, full audio.  The subtitles still have *beeps* in them, and only the English audio is uncensored.

Thimbleweed Park screenshot

You can grab it on Steam or GOG. Due to ratings, it’s probably not coming out on any other platforms, so you’ll have to get it one one of those two. It’s available for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s going for $1.99USD.

Thimbleweed Park screenshot

Also, the Thimbleweed Park soundtrack has been released for a limited run on vinyl! You can check it out and grab it here.

Watch the Thimbleweed Park DLC trailer (Warning, NSFW):