Yonder – The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is coming to the Switch

Posted on March 15, 2018

Yonder – The Cloud Catch Chronicles will be soon making its way over to the Nintendo Switch.  Developed by ex Activision and Rocksteady veterans at Brisbane-based studio Prideful Sloth, Yonder is a go at your own pace adventure title that allows you to explore its richly detailed world.

With extensive character customisation, multiple professions like carpentry and tailoring to master, as well as a crafting and trading system, Yonder give you a very large and open toolset in your fight against the mysterious murk that is plaguing the world of Gemea. Gemea is packed with 8 different biomes, all with their own bustling life, seasonal changes, animal life and day/night and weather cycles to help keep the gameplay fresh as you explore this lushly detailed world.

If this game sounds like it’s up your alley, and you don’t want to wait until the non-disclosed Switch release date, you can pick it up right now on PS4 or on Steam here. If you’d prefer to wait for the Switch release it will be available digitally for $29.99US or in physical form for $39.99US. No Australian specific details have been revealed about the Switch port.

For more details check out our review of the game here or head to the game’s website.