Deckard Cain coming to Heroes of the Storm

Posted on April 6, 2018

Anyone familiar with the Diablo Universe will know who Deckard Cain is – a staple of the series, the wise old scholar who would identify all those sweet items you found while slaying demons. Soon though, Deckard will finally break free from the shackles of mere NPC item-identifier and lore-giver to join the ever expanding hero roster in Blizzard’s MOBA¬†Heroes of the Storm.

He will very fittingly play a support-caster role, with all of his abilities geared towards healing and crowd / area control. His primary abilities are:

  • Healing potion, which allows him to throw up to 5 healing potions on the ground for allies to heal
  • Horadric cube, which deals damage to enemies and slows them
  • Scroll of sealing, an AOE spell that damages and roots any enemies who walks into its triangular casting zone.
Deckard Cain's Healing potion ability
Deckard Cain’s healing potion ability

As with most heroes though, his Heroic abilities sound the most fun (and Blizzard clearly had a bit of fun coming up with them):

  • ¬†Stay a while and listen (named after his most famous line from the Diablo series) involves Deckard telling a riveting tale to nearby enemy heroes that will literally put them to sleep. Amazing.
  • Lorenado will create a swirling vortex made of books and papers that will push back any enemies who come into contact with it.

Blizzard hasn’t yet given us an official date on when we’ll be able to put enemy heroes to sleep on the battlefield, other than ‘soon’. Get a more detailed run down on all of the Diablo veteran’s abilities and stats on his official Heroes page.

Deckard Cain's Lorenado ability
The eye of the Lorenado