Experience terrifying visions in The Piano

Posted on April 12, 2018

Hamburg-based indie studio Mistaken Visions has revealed a trailer and release date for their intriguing new psychological horror game The Piano.

The Piano

Set in post-WWII Paris, in The Piano you play as failed pianist John Barnerway, who has been falsely accused of his brothers’ murders and must search for answers in order to clear his name. However, aside from being a noir-styled murder mystery, The Piano takes several influences from surreal psychological horror games such as Silent Hill. As a result, players will also have to contend with terrifying visions from John’s psyche as he struggles to solve the mystery of his brothers’ deaths.

The Piano

As a story-driven adventure game, it appears to draw heavily from film noir, both in terms of the stylised visual aesthetic and the premise. However, the addition of psychological horror elements add tinges of Silent Hill and Deadly Premonition. Alongside the postwar Paris setting, this gives the game some interesting new dimensions.

The Piano will be released on Steam on 24 May.  If you want a good look at what the game has to offer, check out the trailer below.