First trailer for Little Dragons Café released and it looks so cute!

Posted on April 8, 2018

Game designer Yasuhiro Wada, responsible for the popular gaming series Harvest Moon, has recently released the first trailer for his new upcoming game Little Dragons Café. A cute little story that revolves around a two twin siblings who are learning to cook and run a café under their kindly mother’s tutelage. All is well until their mother succumbs to a mysterious illness that puts her in a deep sleep. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about the siblings then come upon an old man who gives them a dragon egg, and informs them that to save their mother they need to raise the baby dragon – it sounds odd, but also rather fun!

The trailer shows off an idyllic setting of nature before panning away to show a large red dragon soaring off into the sky. From here we see a preview of the game’s story where the twins meet the mysterious old man, are given their dragon egg, and encouraged to continue running the café in their mothers stead. The gameplay appears to include rhythm mechanics when preparing meals and foraging quests for new recipes to create, as well as growing your own ingredients, and world exploration.

Little Dragons Café

Of course running the Little Dragon Café wont be your only task, as mentioned earlier it will also be your job to help raise your dragon. As to how this will be done is still unclear, however the trailer shows off glimpses of your dragon trailing behind you as you travel the world as well as munching on food you cook for it. As you raise your dragon he will grow much bigger allowing you to ride on his back and fly around to more areas, which most likely were unavailable until that point.

Little Dragons Café

There will be a number of colourful characters to associate with including your head chef, who you meet while working in the café and are asked to cook him something. You’ll also have café wait staff who are rather colourful, including a young female staff member named Ipanema who’s firey disposition will make for some interesting encounters. The aim is to keep both your employees and customers happy, so it’ll be a fun juggling act (not how it is in a real life kitchen, I can assure you).

Little Dragons Café has been slated for release onto both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this coming Summer (that’s Winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) in the west and already available for pre-order on their official website.