Get a taste of Detroit: Become Human in the new demo

Posted on April 25, 2018

After two years since its announcement, Detroit: Become Human will finally release next month, exclusively on PS4 . To whet our appetite, Quantic Dream has made available a demo of their new neo-noir thriller. You can download  it for free from the PlayStation Store, and the full game is available to pre-order for $99.95.

Detroit: Become Human is a game set in a fictional city based on the real-life location, where androids are products to be bought and sold, and are created to obey humans no matter what. The three protagonists of the game are androids that have started to experience human emotion, and are beginning to become dissatisfied with their second-class life.

In the demo, you’ll play as the android Connor, a hostage negotiator who is tasked with calming a dangerous rogue android.  The actions you take and the choices you make will determine how the scene will play out. You can explore the apartment with Connor to get the most information possible, or take a gamble and confront the android without additional info. The more information Conner has, the higher the probability of a positive outcome. This same scene has been shown before at PAX, but this time players are free to explore every possible outcome of the scenario.

Quantic Dreams has made big promises about the power the player will wield over the narrative, so we’ll be keen to see if our expectations will be met when the game releases on the 25th of May.