Hidden gem indie game Figment headed for Switch

Posted on April 19, 2018

The Nintendo Switch seems intent on going from strength to strength on the indie game front. Indie games from far and wide are clamoring to port their titles to the platform. The latest entry? Figment, a surreal and psychological musical action-adventure, courtesy of Danish Studio, Bedtime Digital Games, will be available on the eShop from May 31.

Check out the trailer!

Figment is set in a mindscape of sorts. Things have been quiet for many years, but no longer. New thoughts, terrifying thoughts have invaded; nightmarish creatures spreading a scourge of fear. The player character and hopeful savior is Dusty. Dusty was the mind’s voice of courage, but he has long since abandoned that mantle. But when fear is spreading through the world,  he must stand up and help face the fears.

Figment has already enjoyed an immensely positive reception. Since it’s PC launch last September Figment has received glowing reviews, praising its fantastic use of music and its beautiful art. It has gone on to win various accolades including Best Narrative (BIG Festival), Best Art (Casual Connect) and Best Sound-Music (AZ Play).

Truly this looks like an absolutely fascinating game. Visually, it is such a fascinating collage-like tableau that seems constantly on offer to the player. Truly a break from the standard murky grey-brown grit that can be a bit prevalent in this medium. Musically, I can’t wait to hear what this game has to offer. If it delivers on even half of the praise given to this games score, it will be an astonishingly high-quality soundtrack. Simply put I’m bloody excited for this game.


Perhaps due to being on the other side of the world, I’ll confess, I did miss this initial release. But it goes to show there are so many fantastic hidden gems to find in the indie scene these days. It’s great that the Switch is helping with this, and I wish it every possible success with this port landing at the end of May.