Killing Time at Lightspeed is out now on iOS

Posted on April 17, 2018

Killing Time at Lightspeed is a clever and thoughtful little experience crafted by Gritfish games. It’s been available on Steam since July 6th 2016, and has now finally been released on iPad and iPhone via the App Store.  Here’s the release trailer:

Killing Time at Lightspeed is an interactive work of fiction that has your character looking through their social media feed as they hurtle through space on a spaceship. As your distance from your friends and family grows, so too does the delay between your correspondences. Who knows when, or if, they’ll get your texts? Will it even make a difference? As well as interacting with your friends over chat, you can explore different articles and clickbait that create a looking glass into the world Gritfish has created.

in-game screenshot from Killing Time at Lightspeed

The game ranked highly in many competitions for its narrative, including the Australian Game Developer Awards and  PlaybyPlay. It’s also sitting on a nearly 90% positive rating on Steam and is being applauded for its story and message. What do we miss out on when we can only engage with others through delayed messages? What do relationships really mean when you can only watch as their lives play out without you? What’s the point of even trying when you know your message will arrive too late?

It’s great to see Killing Time at Lightspeed released on a mobile platform, as it’s themes work so much better on a phone. To prepare it for iOS, it’s been updated with a phone-friendly user interface, an auto save function, and a dyslexic  font option. It’s available now for $4.49.