Pow! Bam! My Hero Academia: One’s Justice first gameplay trailer

Posted on April 16, 2018

Bandai Namco has finally dropped its first full length trailer for the popular Shonen Jump series My Hero Academia: One’s Justice, and it looks awesome!

Having been only fed scraps of info regarding the game so far, it’s a welcome change to finally see what fans of the series will get for their patience. Not only do we see several characters grace the scene, but the trailer showcases a number or gameplay mechanics in action.

Including Midoroya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugou, we also are treated to several other characters fighting styles and quirks (a persons super-power) in My Hero Academia: One’s Justice , including Ochako Uraraka, Tenya Iida, and Shoto Todoroki to name a few.

Each character has their own unique quirk which looks to have made some interesting fighting styles to choose from, like Iida, and Izuku who will fight offensively at close range thanks to the nature of their quirks. While others like Todoroki, and Denki Kaminari, who use their quirks over longer distances, will most likely become technical-type fighters.

My Hero Academia: One's Justice

Fights appear to be 1 vs. 1, but one of the mechanics shown in the trailer will allow a player to call upon their sidekick to temporarily unleash an attack on the enemy target, allowing your fighter to get in a good hit if timed right. Of course, this wouldn’t be a superhero game if there wasn’t a bit of collateral damage to the area in which the battles take place, with stage damage also being included.

If there was one issue that has me worried, it would be that the quality of the game’s graphic looks a little choppy and lifeless, for a PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch release. Of course, I’m hoping this is just a small problem that will be addressed before release.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice will certainly have a lot to live up to, in terms of anime inspired games, with predecessors like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto already having blazed a path for anime fans everywhere. Thankfully, the series possesses a great ensemble cast, so the potential for One’s Justice to be a great well rounded fighting game is relatively high.

Unfortunately My Hero Academia: One’s Justice has yet to receive a concrete release date, with only a 2018 release year, for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so far to be confirmed. While we wait however, tell us who are you most psyched to play as? Will you be a hero, standing tall above the forces of evil, or will you go dark and play as a villain, operating from within the shadows.