Myst 25th Anniversary Collection smashes its Kickstarter goal in 8 hours

Posted on April 17, 2018

On the 10th of April, game developer Cyan announced the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign for a Myst 25th Anniversary collection. It’s an incredible collector’s bundle of all seven games in the series, plus several exclusive artifacts from the games. 8 hours later, it had been fully funded. At the time of writing this, it has reached more than 3 times its original goal of $318, 309 AUD and is now sitting at over $1, 570, 000. And when you look at what’s included, it’s easy to see why.

A reward that included an original hand-drawn concept sketch from Riven’s development has already run out. No stretch goals have been announced, but a recent update by Cyan has stated that they are being ‘informally discussed’. This probably means we won’t see any stretch goals added for a while yet, but there’s still more than a month left to the campaign.

The full bundle includes Myst: Masterpiece Edition, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Myst 3: Exile, Myst 4: Revelation, Myst 5: End of Ages, Myst Uru Chronicles, and RealMyst. A pledge of  about $63 will net you a digital download of the full bundle, while $127 will include all digital versions PLUS physical copies with an exclusive 25th Anniversary collector’s box in the shape of the original Myst book.

If the bundle of 7 games isn’t enough, depending on which backer reward you choose you can also get your hands on some Kickstarter-exclusive physical goodies. For the full details, go ahead and check out the campaign. Here’s some photos to get you excited:

The 'Linking book' from the Myst series

an authentic replica of Gehn’s Pen and Inkwell from Myst


The Kickstarter will be active for more than a month still, so you still have a lot of time left to become a backer.  And if you don’t think you’ll need all 7 games, don’t worry –  Cyan promises that the games will be individually available on However, the physical rewards are exclusive only to the Kickstarter campaign, so remember to make your pledges before you lose your chance forever!