The Overwatch League Viewer Rewards Program expands to Australia

Posted on April 14, 2018

The Overwatch League has taken off in a big way ever since its inception. From the start, millions of players have tuned in all around the world to watch their favourite pro players and teams take on the best of the best in the competitive world of Overwatch. To further promote the League, Blizzard has been rolling out a rewards program for viewers. And now, finally, Australians can get a slice of that promotional pie.

Here’s how it runs.  Tune into any League coverage of your choice. Every time a map concludes on a live broadcast, you will earn a League Token. Earn enough and you can save up for some League items! So, after watching your favourite team on stream, you can deck out your main in that team’s colours!

Overwatch League banner

How to start earning:

First of all you’ll need a account, which if you’re playing Overwatch then you’ll already have one. Log in to and link your streaming platform of choice: Twitch or MLG. Now get to watching and hold out for a map win, and hey, you’ll get some tokens!

Don’t have Twitch or MLG? Well if you sign into your account over at you can get straight to watching and earning, no linking necessary! But never fear if you aren’t the PC type. Blizzard have the console crowd covered because you can also link your console.  You can even get the Overwatch League application for your Android or iOS devices and watch the action on the go.

One final thing to note: There is a regular skin competition in which viewers have an opportunity to win 100 tokens. Unfortunately at this time due to legal and technical requirements, this is not something that is currently available for Australian viewers.